English Major Attempts to Write a Blog; Take Two

Nearly a year has past since my last (failed) attempt at starting a blog. To be honest, I’m hardly surprised because that seems to be the pattern my writing naturally falls into. Some days I feel inspired as hell and my hand can’t move fast enough to capture all the words flying around my head. Other days, however, and if we’re being truthful I should probably say ‘most days’, I can crank out maybe a sentence or an idea, but then I have no idea where to take it so I abandon it. I have notebooks full of undeveloped partial beginnings and maybe 1 out of every 20 of them has any actual potential.

It’s summer once again though, and I have much more free time than when I’m in school. I’m going to try, once again, to write something of worth. Mostly I’m into free-writing and these journal entry style pieces because they’re the easiest. It’s basically just me narrating my thoughts which I do every day any way so there’s really no creativity or difficulty level involved. I will challenge myself though, and try my hand at some verse, or maybe even some short stories if I’m feeling really ambitious.

Basically all this post is about is a recognition of my anticipated failure to start a blog, and a promise to myself to get more serious about it for the future. Also, thank god no one will ever find this website until I want them to find it because right now it’s a sad little 2 post blog with little complexity. Hopefully that will change, and also I definitely plan on dropping the whole pseudo-YouTuber “hey guys, how are you!” kinda vibe, because who the fuck am I trying to be with that shit anyway?

That’s all I have for now. Until next time…





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