What the f*ck are ‘lavenderhours’?

I started this blog when I was 20 and had just recently joined Tumblr. That sentence alone probably explains the inspiration behind the name “thelavenderhours”, but there’s at least a bit more behind it then that so try to give me the benefit of the doubt here, pls.

Like a lot of people, every once in a while I feel the need to just walk away from everything and everyone and spend some time on my own doing whatever I want. When I lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh one of my favorite ways to do this was to take a walk in the woods behind my house. There were trails and I could only be 15-20 minutes from my house but still feel like I was ‘on an adventure’ or ‘hiking through the wilderness’. The woods were a quiet place to walk, read, write, sit, and think and I also didn’t have to be on high alert or worry about getting abducted since they were right behind my neighborhood.

On these walks, and on similar walks I’ve taken other places since then, there’s this short window of time between the sun going down and the sky going completely dark that’s been labelled “dusk” or “twilight” (I just double-checked the definition of ‘dusk’ and it’s defined as the darker stage of twilight – just FYI). In this little space of time, on certain days and when I’m in a certain mood, creates this feeling of excitement and possibility and it’s one of my favorite feelings.

It sounds weird, but something about the feeling I get when I’m outside during this purple/gray-blue, “lavender hours” (more like minutes, but lavenderminutes didn’t have the same ring to it, plus the idea is to extend this feeling to hours anyway so it all works out in the end) I feel like the most independent, I-can-take-on-anything, I-don’t-know-what’s-next-but-I’m-excited-for-it version of myself.

I realize that for some people reading this they’ll totally get it, and for others this will sound like a bunch of Tumblr bullshit. Either way, it’s the best way I can try to explain how a certain time of day can make me feel inspired and why I chose to use that for the title of a blog. If anything, hopefully we can all agree that the word “lavender” has a nice soothing ring to it, and if that’s not a good enough reason to use it to name something than I don’t know what is.


Stay rad,



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