Las Vegas // “The Worst Mass Shooting in Modern History” – AKA: WE NEED GUN CONTROL, NOW

When you struggle to figure out how to start an entry like this because everything has been overused/become a cliche, that’s a sign that these types of headlines have happened far too often. “There are no words to describe…” “I can’t believe it’s happened again..” “When will we realize…” It’s true, there are no words to try and make sense of a senseless act like the one perpetrated by a domestic terrorist last night, Sunday October 1st, 2017, at a country concert in Las Vegas. As of right now, there are 50 dead, and over 400 injured as a result, but unfortunately those numbers will most likely increase as the news stations receive updates.

When I first heard of mass shootings like Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook, my reactions were sadness for the victims and families and confusion as to who would do something so heinous. As time passed, the issue of gun control seemed to be swept under the rug further and further, no concrete laws or regulations emerging and no change being made. Here we are now, years later, still allowing mentally ill persons to purchase mass assault weapons that NO individual would ever need or should ever be allowed to own, even if they were the most mentally sound person on the planet.

There is no purpose for these weapons other than to cause  the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time.

We need more thorough background checks, we need mental health screenings, we need routine monitoring on individuals who purchase guns, and we need to stop selling weapons that can kill 50 people and injure over 400 in a matter of “5-7 minutes”.

This time, when I woke up and learned about what had happened in Vegas last night, I still felt sadness and confusion, but I also felt anger and disbelief. Angry that a terrorist was able to take so many innocent lives, and disbelief that we still have not put in place measures to avoid this type of tragedy.

I don’t care about your 2nd amendment rights. That document was written long before weapons of the caliber used today were even imagined. It takes 15-20 seconds to load and fire one round from the type of musket gun being used when that amendment was written. The Constitution is a living, breathing document and should be adjusted accordingly to protect the citizens of the country for which it was written.

Here is a link to contact your representatives. It doesn’t have to be long, just tell them how you feel and why you feel that way. The more pressure we put on those in power, the more likely it is that something will be done to prevent future tragedies.

I haven’t even begin to learn about any of the victims or read any first hand accounts because honestly that’s something I can only when I have time to let myself fully imagine what it could possibly be like to experience something like that, or to have someone close to me go through it, so if this post feels a little impersonal that’s why. We all process and deal with things differently, for me my first response was to email my representatives so I could feel like I could do at least one small concrete thing to try and make a difference. For others it could be to totally disconnect and stay away from it all for a bit, which is also entirely okay. But eventually we all have to step up and at least say SOMETHING no matter how big or small, let your voice be heard and do all you can to make this world a better place than it is right now.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.



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