I moved to Colorado and completely neglected my writing – but I’m back!

About a month and a half ago I decided it was time to take a break from the endless internship applications and job searches. An opportunity presented itself for me to move to a part of the country I’d never been before, meet to people, and gain some new life experiences – all things I was in dire need of and very happy to dive into. Flash forward to now, and I’m still convinced it was one of the best borderline-rash decisions I’ve ever made. (HUGE s/o to my cousin for inviting me to come live with her for as long as I wanted!)

It was a b*tch and a half to get here though. My trusty little Hyundai Sonata decided to flash it’s check engine light 6 hours into the road trip, so we drove another 6 hours back to South Carolina, slept, got up the next day, unloaded my Tetris-style-packed car, reloaded everything into my mom’s car, and set off once again.

Georgia 1
A pictured I snapped while waiting to hear back from a mechanic in GA

44 hours later, we were in a valley in Colorado, surrounded by mountains I’ve only imagined in my head, and I felt 110% completely sure that I was in the right place.

Oklahoma 1
Okalahoma fog 

I’ll forever be indebted to my incredible mother for doing so much to make this happen for me. She helped me pack, filled up the tank, fed me, drove with me all the way out to Colorado, LET ME KEEP HER CAR OUT HERE, and then took on pretty much 2 full days of solo travel to get back to SC after I was settled. All of that doesn’t even begin to cover the reasons I’m so grateful to have a mom like her; a mom willing to sacrifice anything and do whatever she can to make her kids lives easier and make sure they’re happy.

Somehow this life update post has left me holding back tears because I just love my mom so freaking much hahah.

I worked at the ski resort here for a month or so before the season ended, I got to ski for the first time which was SO much fun, and I’ve already met such amazing people that it really seems like it can’t get any better than this. Although as soon as I typed that I remembered how many people keep telling me to just wait and see how incredible the summers are here. I want to try so many things and I’ll be sure to write about them on here and not abandon it again for a month and a half.

Colorado 1
New home, who dis?


As always, thanks for reading! (More book-related posts to come)


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