Book Review: Film for Her by Orion Carloto

*all photos/written content of this unbelievably aesthetic book are copyright 2020 by Orion Carloto courtesy of Andrews McMeel Publishing* The slew of books by internet influencers is never-ending. Some are (poorly) ghost-written fiction novels, some are insufferable "write your own" journal style, some are just vapid words on pages whose only goal is to exploit… Continue reading Book Review: Film for Her by Orion Carloto

2021 book roundup

most of my books are thrifted or gifted, and a few here and there are new. a future post on thrifting/secondhand books is on the horizon! One day I'll pre-write my posts so they will be consistent and timely, but today is not that day. That being said, over two weeks into 2022 is the… Continue reading 2021 book roundup