September ’22 book roundup

As I type this 2-book roundup for September on the 4th day of October, I choose to relinquish my self-deprecation in favor of self-motivation. This month I will treat my writing, both creative and book-review-related, as something worth prioritizing and planning, not just as a hobby that I do some of the time, if and… Continue reading September ’22 book roundup

Summer of ’22 book roundup (June/July/August)

a shameless meta-moment to include my own blog in the pic, but who's here to stop me? June Reads: Amplified by living in a seasonal tourist town, summer in the service industry drains me of energy, brain power, and free time, all culminating in a downward fall in my time spent reading. In order to… Continue reading Summer of ’22 book roundup (June/July/August)