About the author of thelavenderhours

Hi there, how are ya? Just wanted to take this time to introduce myself and let you know what to expect from this blog. My names Katie, I also go by Kate. I’m 28, a former English & linguistics major, and a book lover through and through. I started this site 5 or 6 years ago in an attempt to write more, but like most things my motivation for it has ebbed and flowed over the years. I’m trying to bring that tide in once again, just to get some thoughts out about life and books and bullshit if nothing else. I also have a book account on Instagram, also called @thelavenderhours where I post about what I’m reading each month and some brief thoughts/reviews if you fancy perusing that on a rainy day.

I can’t say exactly what type of blog this is, because to be honest I haven’t figured that out yet and I’m not sure if I ever will. To me, it’s just a little space on the internet where I can pour out some words and if someone else wants to read them then that’s awesome. I started this for me – to make myself write more, and to practice what I love. I hope to one day write something that changes the way someone sees the world, even the slightest bit, the way so many novels have done for me. Until I figure out what I feel like writing about, I’ll use this space to review books I’ve read and loved (or didn’t love), probably get existential every once and a while, and ultimately try to sort out some thoughts on a whole lotta complex and nuanced shit.

For the last year or so, a lot of my reading has been focused on unlearning the white-centered ways of the world I grew up in. In that regard, I’d love it if this space could serve as an open dialogue to hold each other accountable and help one another create a world where BIPOC don’t have to fear for their lives for literally just existing in America. Book/movie/essay/tv show/documentary/TEDtalk/etc. recommendations are always welcome.

Thanks so much for visiting!


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