March + April ’23 book roundup

I've GOT to start finding more interesting ways to intro these book roundups other than talking about the passage of time, but for now I will do it again and say HOLY HELL how is it about to be MAY? (*justin timberlake voice* "IT'S GONNA BE MAY.") March was quite busy at work, and April… Continue reading March + April ’23 book roundup

February ’23 book roundup

Not pictured: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros because I returned it before I remembered to take a group photo. The shortest month rang in a bit of a slower pace of reading for me, especially compared to the motivation I was feeling last month. I started with a trip to the library… Continue reading February ’23 book roundup

January ’23 book roundup

January came and went in the blink of an eye, and after reading A Little Life over a month ago, I think I'm finally ready to write about it. I wanted to start the reading year off with something I knew would hit hard so when my boyfriend's mom asked if there were any books… Continue reading January ’23 book roundup

2022 Books – Year in Review

Another year of books under the belt, my friends. This year I visited some old favorites, discovered a love for translations, and learned the art of walking away when a book isn't hitting like I need it to. I have monthly roundups on all these books here on thelavenderhours if you want to know my… Continue reading 2022 Books – Year in Review

December ’22 book roundup

The final month of 2022 is a thing of the past! To finish out the year, I turned to one of my recent thrift hauls and opted for entertainment and ease in choosing Matt Haig's, The Midnight Library, a book that ultimately checked both boxes. I then tried to follow with a light-hearted memoir by… Continue reading December ’22 book roundup

November ’22 book roundup

To quote a recent meme I came across, "November flew by like 4 hoes in a Nissan". Work started back up for me around the 15th, so I tried to cram in as much reading as a could in the first two weeks of the month before my endless free time came to an end.… Continue reading November ’22 book roundup

October ’22 book roundup

A new month is upon us, which means I wrote another overly detailed roundup of the books I read over the past few weeks! In October, I found myself doing what I haven't done for a while, which is attempt to read multiple books at once. Some can do it effortlessly; I almost always end… Continue reading October ’22 book roundup

September ’22 book roundup

As I type this 2-book roundup for September on the 4th day of October, I choose to relinquish my self-deprecation in favor of self-motivation. This month I will treat my writing, both creative and book-review-related, as something worth prioritizing and planning, not just as a hobby that I do some of the time, if and… Continue reading September ’22 book roundup

Summer of ’22 book roundup (June/July/August)

a shameless meta-moment to include my own blog in the pic, but who's here to stop me? June Reads: Amplified by living in a seasonal tourist town, summer in the service industry drains me of energy, brain power, and free time, all culminating in a downward fall in my time spent reading. In order to… Continue reading Summer of ’22 book roundup (June/July/August)

May ’22 book roundup

may's bookstack was varied and cute, just like the month of may herself The Carrying by Ada Limón This collection of poetry was unexpected for me. It felt as though I reached for it at the right time, having let it rest on my bookshelves for months with no reasoning other than it hadn't called… Continue reading May ’22 book roundup